Explore (hi-)story telling for orchestras – for example Vienna Phil

Every orchestra has its history. Some European orchestras for more than 500 years. But only a few do tell their unique (his)story to the audience. There are so many fascinating points of interest. Famous conductors, soloists and composers, great performances and historical recordings, orchestra tours and residencies and lots of fotos, posters, program books, scores, testimonials etc.

The Vienna Philharmonic is an exemption. In the city center based „House of Music“ (Haus der Musik) the orchestra presents itsself around the worldknown „New Year‘s Concert“. In a specially conceived small concerthall (dolby sourround cinema) visitors get a 35 minute impression of a concert in the famous Vienna Musikverein. In the exhebition people can see old pictures and documents from the orchestra and get a taste of Strauss waltzs. At an interactive video screen you can conduct the Vienna Phil after being invited and advised by maestro Zubin Metha. The musicians will praise you with applause if you keep in time with tempo and rhythm. If you fail, the orchestra will give you the thumbs-down. This is real fun as well as education.

When will you start to tell your orchestra (hi-)story? When will you open your own orchestra museum? Don’t wait until the next orchestra aniversary! If possible: integrate an exhibition into your orchestra hall or education department. If not: collaborate with a local museum. Important: change the focus from time to time, according to your program. Explore story telling for your orchestra!


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