Surprise Advertising

Orchestras are cultural entrepreneurs with a high potential of creativity. When you produce a commercial  for TV or internet, it should be as creative, too. If not embedded in a marketing campaign the commercial should be surprising, winking, funny. Whatever your concrete meassage or goal is, the creative and innovative orchestra image should be kept in mind.

A good example can be found – believe it or not – in  Serbia! The Belgrade Philharmonic produced a short commercial for only 800 Euros. Some two weeks this commercial with a Chinese speaking guy was shown on TV without subtitles. The speaker explains how cheap it is to get tickets for the orchestra – in Chinese.  Only the last scene shows the written question „Did we unterstand eachother? – Belgrade Philharmonic“. People were a little bit confused, because they didn’t really know what they guy was talking about.

After two weeks the answer to this problem came by the second version of the commercial with subtitles.

Take a look on youtube:


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