Robert Minczuk, Music Director of the OSB (Orquestra Sinfonica Brasileira), may be under boycott from professional orchestras worldwide.

The scandal about sacking some 40 musicians of the OSB by Minczuk because they refused to take part in a re-audition is a unique one in orchestra history. Professional musicians, conductors, composers and soloists around the world have protested against  this malpractice. Due to local protests the concert in Rio on 9th of April 2011 had to be cancelled after some 20 minutes of boos against Minczuk whilst orchestra members left the stage. This youtube video has been posted within the orchestral community around the world.

There won‘t be many professional orchestras left on the world who will play under the baton of Minczuk in future. Even other blog comments show that Minczuks career is under threat.  Some engagements with foreign orchestras have already been cancelled.

This scandal is another example that change management and artistic development in an orchestra needs a intensive dialogue between conductor, management and musicians, but no pink slips.