Kurt Masur cancels OSB concerts

Kurt Masur is an expierienced and wise conductor. It seems that he has become aware of the artistic risks to rehearse and perform with “New” OSB which is not the same as the old OSB.

As already assumed earlier in the last post, Maestro Masur has now obviously cancelled his appearance with the OSB.This cancellation is another blast for conductor Roberto Minczuk and his OSB management. It should be only a question of time and more public and political pressure to dismiss people in charge from the management and to lead the OSB on the right way into future.


4 thoughts on “Kurt Masur cancels OSB concerts

  1. Alexandre Brasil

    Brazilian press and the oficial orchestra site says he had cancelled the concerts by health matters… They didn’t mention that the conductor proceeds doing concerts with other groups around the world.

  2. Gena Kupperheimer

    OSB is back, here is the video of their last concert, July 22 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkYQq2a5-LU

  3. Gennady Kupperheimer

    Really? Where Masur continues to conduct? So far he cancelled a bunch o concerts in few countries, not only in Brazil.

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