OSB conflict – Solution on the way?

Under the big public and international pressure the management of the Orquestra Sinfonica  Brasileira (OSB) has now made a first step towards the dismissed musicians and the local union.  On July 26 the two new artistic directors have made an official three-point-proposal    how to solve the conflict and how to reintegrate the 33 dismissed musicians.

This proposal could be the basis for a solution, but at the end it is not yet  the solution. The proposed new „Art Body“, a new ensemble with the dismissed musicians, has no real structure, no duties, not a realistic staff setting which an ensemble with future would need. This is not a perspective everybody can be convinced of. There has to be a fair bargaining process on the basis of the proposal within the next few days now. The aim should be to reintegrate as many musicians as possible and to have a fresh start for the whole OSB organization.

Perhaps an independant committee or working group should accompany the next few month to work on the conflicts within the orchestra and those between musicians and management. The next step could be to survey the whole OSB management structure. Otherwise the OSB foundation and the orchestra will face dire straits.


One thought on “OSB conflict – Solution on the way?

  1. The solution is to hire new people and forget about this 33 musicians. They have already proved how low they can get, who now wants to work with them? No one. Just to make notice as well, these 33 fellow musicians have been bullying anyone that wants to work in Rio, with the OSB. Giving them the opportunity to come back is like cutting the own throat.

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