OSB – Agreement sealed

What an announcement from the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra (OSB) management!

“The OSB Foundation and the Musicians Union last Friday, September 02, reached an agreement that puts an end to the impasse of recent months, culminating in the dismissal of 33 musicians. After several rounds of negotiation between the OSB Artistic Directors, Fernando Bicudo and Pablo Castellar, and the SindMusi President, Déborah Cheyne, both parties jointly prepared a document that offers musicians conditions to return to the FOSB in a new orchestral body or have the conversion of their dismissals for cause in common dismissals.” Read more

An unique battle between a conductor, the orchestra management, public authorities and the orchestra musicians has come to an happy end. The question will be, how fast the parties of the conflict will use a new start for real improvements.


One thought on “OSB – Agreement sealed

  1. […] and dramatic cuts were reported from the US (Philadelphia bankrupty, Detroit strikes etc.), Brazil (OSB case), Ecuador, UK, Netherlands, Italy and Germany. Some conflicts, but not all, could have been avoided […]

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