An intelligent orchestra marketing strategy needs good content, a central idea and a powerful transmission of the core mission statement. TV or internet commercials on youtube are important parts of the campaign. This is at least simply an advertising business.

In practice you will find very often (funny) commercials for a special issue, the next season, a  new chief conductor or a special concert. Sometimes orchestras spend lots of bucks for those commercials. Before investing money, think on the strategy.

Find here a couple of interesting short videos from various orchestras…

The Stavanger Symphony (Norway) takes a wild parachute or man rocket ride at the mountainside for promoting its brand slogan with the music from Richard Wagner. But where is the inexchangeable icon? Where is the very special mission of this orchestra? You could put in almost every Norwegian orchestra or many other orchestras wordwide. Nice video, but where is the authentic message from the orchestra?

Another example comes from Nashville Symphony announcing a new chief conductor.  You see the conductor in several places downtown Nashville conducting traffic or fountains. The final message on his shirt says “I like Nashville!” Isn’t this a little bit too poor for introducing a new conductor to the local audience?

Third example: the Czech Philharmonic announces the 2012/2013 season. The orchestra is performing, jumping, throwing bowes, moving on the chairs, some wind players are playing more than one instrument simultaneously etc.  Again funny to watch, but what is the core message? Join our concerts, it’s all fun? This might be dangerous, because people sitting in the concert for the first time could shocked from a “real” orchestra concert, which is mostly not funny at all.

To sum up: 
Before you create commercial gimmick movies (which might be fairly o.k. for special purposes), think a little bit more on the core message and the orchestras brand in behind.