Classical:Next – Development is possible

After the first sessions, presentations and showcases at the new fair in Munich: Classical:Next could be developed to a new and fresh format of international networking in the classical music business. The branches seem to be too seperated. Labels meet at MIDEM, artist managers at IAMA, musicians, orchestra managers meet almost at their national conferences etc. But where is the location to meet all of them? Classical:Next could have this potential.

But this would need more official collaboration with the exisiting national and international associations, publishers media. And it would need more commitment and contribution from those as partners. From a new forum one could expect a more visionary approach. Where are successful models which work in practice? Who are  the pathfinders, the real entrepreneurs in the different sectors.

Discussion at Classical:NEXT

Discussion at Classical:NEXT in Munich, Germany

For example – and this was mentioned today by an owner of a medium size  high end CD label from Germany: “CD market is still shrinking. Where do we earn the money which we need to develop and promote new artists, the “Alfred Brendels” of the future?”  This could be a good topic to be dicussed in near future. Another example: One of todays forums was titled “What is better, a community or a crowd?” To me a silly question. If you have got a community which gives public or private support, feel happy. And if you can get crowd funding for special projects – brilliant! But as an alternative? I wouldn’t recommend this.

You may see: It is good to meet your peers at an international forum. But if you want to get the right answers you have to put the right questions. Let’s see what comes Next in Classical music development in near future.


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