American Orchestras are looking for innovation

The League of American Orchestras (LAO) has held its 67th National Conference 2012 in Dallas from June 5 – 8. The main issue was: innovation. What can be learned from other industries? For example from FORD Motor Company and the Auto Workers Union?

A video documentation  from the conference with of a couple of speeches and sessions is available online. Take a look.


2 thoughts on “American Orchestras are looking for innovation

  1. I was there. We can talk about innovation till we or our audiences are dead. But before that point, we actually have to wake up one morning and do it. So how many people in orchestral management are risk-taking, creative and failure-friendly? How many are allowed to be?

    • The orchestras do have much more creative potential than operas. Especially in Germany and Europe there are some orchestras who try to change their image. Public funding at least should encourage managements to be more risky. However, I know that there is still much to be done for innovation in our industry.

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