Korean Broadcasting Symphony – Agreement sealed

After national and international protests as well as massive campaigning from the Korean Parliament against the Korean Boradcasting System, against the orchestra management and the former conductor an agreement has been reached for the Korean Bradcasting Symphony Orchestra (KBSSO). The KBSSO will remain with unlimited contracts for the players and refrain from annual auditions. The re-auditon virus has been vanquished.

The agreement: 1. KBS will appoint world renowned prestigious conductor as soon as possible. The former conductor Shinik Hahm is officially out. 2. KBS is obligated to keep 95% of the members in the orchestra. Which means that the quota of the orchestra is 111 people. KBS must keep the members at least 103. If it reaches below 103 members, KBS must open the position by an official audition as obligartory for new members in every symphony orchestra. 3. KBS must support and will increase stable funding for the orchestra. 4. KBS will improve KBSSO’s public services. KBS and KBSSO will develop music education programs and performances for the lower class citizen, who are isolated from classical music culture. 5. KBS guarantees the players, who did not agree to transfer to the new foundation of the KBSSO to stay as an employee of the KBS. The status will be maintained like before. The players will be dispatched to the new KBSSO foundation as an employee of KBS until 9/14/2014.

This case is a good example of severe mismanagement by a conductor. Talented orchestra managers can learn their lesson. The upkeep of unlimited contracts and job security for the players is essential for a healthy artistic development in every orchestra.


One thought on “Korean Broadcasting Symphony – Agreement sealed

  1. Manuelito Pabillano

    To KBS World I want to thank you for the special messages of kpop artists who gave well wishes to my countrymen who was devastated by Thypoon Haiyan. God Bless love korea t.v. and movies with english subtitles More power to KBS..and the Korean People

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