Classical:NEXT take off today in Vienna

Classical:Next is going to open its doors in Vienna today. Visitors are in line at the registration desks. There will be three fully packed days of discussions, meetings and showcases.

Registration Desk in Vienna

Registration Desk in Vienna

What’s the idea?

“Preserve the past – work in the present – look to the future

The classical music community is fragmented: early or contemporary, traditional or experimental, live or recorded, independent or major – to mention only some of thedivisons. Individual factions meet and network separately at their own events, rarely conversing with other groups. This is business as usual, yet old models and practices can no longer be relied on to sustain audience numbers or the financial health necessary to survive and thrive. The future of music is at stake and music professionals must orient themselves towards it.

An international Forum

Classical:NEXT is a new, annual event that addresses head on the challenges facing the international classical and art music community, both in its entirety and within its various sectors. Classical:NEXT also offers an ideal opportunity to promote new talent, new creative ideas and future-oriented business practices.”

Find more about the program here


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