There is no end of the crisis to be seen at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. Artists recently published an open letter which you will read here in English translation:

Colòn artists say: BASTA!
Colòn artists say: BASTA!

“With deep regret Teatro Colón artists today feel obliged to report and make public abuse and neglect by those who suffer should give us the minimum necessary conditions to develop our professional work. Despite currently having the theatre with the highest budget in its history, we are concerned, as every year the programming of its artistic bodies is reduced, reaching the self-produced one of the lowest levels ever seen since its creation today.

The level of discomfort of their artists is, however, very high: the Teatro Colón is offering today the worst working conditions in the region. They should include the draining institutional abuse (and occasionally even personal abuse).

It is our duty to recognize that they are creating the conditions for the recurrence of conflicts that have not been resolved:
‘In 2011 the SWA issued the creation of a Commission of Career order to begin to solve the labor problem Theatre, but despite having worked hard for nearly two years, not a race was implemented. He just arrived in some palliative and temporary improvements.
‘In the past 22 months (almost two years) the artistic wage type has suffered a loss in the purchasing power of 23%. By the nature of some of those fleeting improvements, scheduled production decline further affects the salary of the artists and also the increasing tax burden of the National Government. Years ago, in deference to the public, artists endure mistreatment and management inefficiency and inability resolution of each claim to have presented aiming to recover our historical levels of production.

We must reaffirm that there is no correlation between the demand made institutionally, the remuneration received. Nor between our professional hierarchy and authoritarian and provocative treatment we offer (arrogant and offensive attitudes, sanctions, summaries and layoffs of colleagues). Old problems have not improved: unable to enjoy a dignified retirement, older artists must rely on lawyers to hold on to their jobs by amparo and precautionary measures, instead of resting after so many years of hard work. Those who do however opted for a voluntary retirement relying on a predictable wage developments, also is punishing them for the above.

On numerous occasions we have submitted proposals and offered to collaborate in finding solutions that allow us to concentrate on our work and activity. We have only received silence and disinterest, which today are already read by house artists such as trowels provocations.
For 11 months we have been warning repeatedly written about stress and distress prevailing, but do not see any change in the attitudes of those who should be most interested in your staff to feel mistreated.

Definitely, in this climate of unrest cannot fully produce neither art nor beauty.
By this today Teatro Colón artists we say ENOUGH TO ABUSE!
We want a quality theatre, open society and greater self-produced, decent wages and respectful and indiscriminate their artists who have won their positions through competitive international competitions and opposition background treatment.

Colon Theatre Artistic Bodies
September 2014”