Revolution for Streaming of Classical Music on the way!? [@idagio_official]

Classical music shall be accessible for everybody. The new platform IDAGIO offers an easy-to-use service for performers and audiences which could be a revolution for the distribution of classical music. Watch IDAGIO Founder Till Janczukowicz introduce IDAGIO for iOS at the Salzburg Festival, and discuss the future of classical music with Andreas Großbauer, Franz Welser-Möst and Ray Chen.

IDAGIO - the revolution of streaming classical music!?

IDAGIO – the revolution for streaming classical music!?

In the coming months, the new platform IDAGIO will gradually roll out features that will allow musicians to upload their recordings and build a global audience of classical music lovers.  If you are a musician or institution and want to be among the first to have access to these features, you should consider joining the IFAGIO mailing list or get in touch directly via

Already some of the most renowned musicians and orchestras (Vienna Philharmonic, Cleveland Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester, Ray Chen, Thomas Hampson, Franz Welser-Möst) already joining IDAGIO as launch partners.

Find the whole presentation at:


2 thoughts on “Revolution for Streaming of Classical Music on the way!? [@idagio_official]

  1. The existing streaming services are notorious exploiters of performers’ rights. The performers get almost nothing from the use and the income goes to the service provider and to the record companies. If this service is built on the same way, this is bad news for the oerformers!

    • Sorry Dan, in this case you’re wrong. This new platform is directly controlled by the performers. They decide what they share and promote of their recording and how the calculate any revenue. This is the great difference to Spotify and all other exsisting platforms. This platform means to be a big chance for classical musicians to get a contolled and absolute fair streaming service!

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