Is this the „post pandemic“, the „new normal“ future for other countries in the next few months, too? The domestically transmitted corona virus in China have been gradually eliminated over recent months and the infection prevention and control measures have remained regular. According to the announcement released by the relevant Chinese government department, theaters in the cities where COVID-19 risk is low are now allowed to operate at 75% capacity – a sharp rise comparing to the previously set 30% and a proof of a recovering performing arts market. These figures might be a blueprint for other countries outsife China, as far as the infection figures will be down to a minimum again, too.

The National Day Holiday in early Ovtober 2020 saw a strong demand for live performing arts all over the country. According to the statistics published by China Association of Performing Arts, totally 7,500 performances were staged in China during the Golden Week (from October 1 to 8) with 4.8 million audiences present and the box office income reached 860 million yuan. Specifically, most outdoor performances were organized in form of music festivals. There were about 30 music festivals held during the Golden Week, most of which limited the number of audiences to a maximum of 4,000 to 10,000. While, most indoor performances held in theaters were plays (for both adults and children) and crosstalks (Chinese xiangsheng). There were also HD screenings of music festivals. Besides, many new productions were premiered during the holiday period.

Website of WU Promotion, promoting foreign ensembles in China

WU Promotion, the biggest international arts touring provider in China writes in the November newsletter: „As for our domestic projects, our ”Chamber Music Series” this month will present 2 ensembles – Spring Trio and String Quartet of BSO , whose performances are expected to enthrall the audiences with utmost brevity and beauty. We present “Theatertreffen in China: 2020 Special Edition” this year. Five of the previous year’s “10 selected productions” will be screened offline and online from September to November, 2020. “Five Easy Pieces” and “Tyrannis” will be presented at Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center as well as Hangzhou XIXI LIVE.“

However, due to the corona virus ban yet to be lifted, touring of foreign artists and troupes is still restricted in China. The ballet company of the Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre China Tour, Maestro Rudolf Buchbinder’s China Tour, Budapest Festival Orchestra’s China Tour, the Montenegrin pianist Ratimir Martinovic China Tour, and the Finnish ensemble – Helsinki Duo’s China Tour have to be postponed and the exact dates will be announced at due time.

Source: WU Promotion Newsletter, November 2020