EasyJet is going to change carry-on luggage policy – no more instruments in the cabin without extra charge!

Sign the petition: no extra charges for carry-on intruments!

In the last few years EasyJet has been a reasonable airline of choice for many travelling musicians. It is reported that EasyJet is making changes to the policy on carry-on luggage that will impact severely on the ability as musicians to take their sensitive musical instruments on board. Essentially this means that, from 10th February 2021, if your instrument dimensions are bigger than  56 x 45 x 25 cm (this is smaller than a violin case) then you will NOT be able to take it in the cabin unless you’ve paid for an extra seat. For musicians this is a real nightmare: after hardship caused by the COVID pandemic even air travel with EasyJet and a violin or viola becomes more difficult and expensive.

There is a petition where you might like to express your concern http://chng.it/CHGNp67gwp

If this petition can get enough signatures musicians might be able to encourage EasyJet to be more accomodating to their needs!