Stakeholders from the area of music education from the whole of Europe will meet at the international Symposium on »THE ART OF MUSIC EDUCATION Vol. VIII« in Hamburg from 2 to 4 March 2022. The conference will focus on current challenges for artistic and cultural organisations in the face of climate change, social upheavals and a worldwide pandemic that is still far from being completely overcome.

TAOME Vol. VIII takes place here: Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Experiences from the Corona crisis, together with the ever more urgent issue of sustainability, call into question the intrinsic logic of the concert business that has come into being over the decades. But that’s not all: Coronavirus revealed the vulnerability and lack of adaptability of a system that, for example, plans concerts several years in advance. On the other hand, the new situation has also set free much creativity and unbureaucratic initiatives. What can be preserved from this? What can be changed? How adaptable are we? Where has the enforced waiver of mobility and personal presence brought forth new ideas and ways of working?

How will »Change« succeed, and what role can be played by each of the education department stakeholders whose work brings them particularly close to the public?

The eighth edition of the Conference is devoted to these and other questions. It is a cooperative event between the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie and the Körber-Stiftung in conjunction with the European Concert Hall Organisation (ECHO).

Registration is possible on this website: