MERITA – where chamber Music, cultural hERItage and TAlent meet: music, heritage, talent. This is a digital and real circuiting platform whose main objective is to increase the visibility and circulation of emerging professional European string quartets through a dedicated platform

MERITA: for young string quartets in Europe

MERITA aims to thus improve the sustainability of the music industry, increase access to and participation in cultural activities also outside major cities, promote European cultural heritage and strengthen connections between local and European culture and between online and offline engagement.

The development of the project will last 3 years and will involve 38 quartets with a total of 152 artists. The digital platform will be the nerve centre from which all activities will unfold. MERITA will become the promotional showcase for the artists, present the cultural sites and historical residences involved, the teaching materials, the content for the public, the panel of activities, training, artistic residencies, concerts, studies, research and mapping. 

The selected quartets will work on the development of original projects on topics such as:

music and art, disability, music and theatre, interculturality, music and spaces, and young audiences. MERITA will make us discover new places, take us with music to cross borders that are not only geographical. The quartet is a metaphor for the ideal society, a meeting place for different cultures that builds beauty through dialogue. The platform wants to make this dialogue an element of construction, of circulation, of enhancing our culture and identity, starting with young people.

The platform will also bring new audiences closer to classical music and European heritage sites of cultural interest. MERITA is a project of Le Dimore del Quartetto co-funded by the European Union involving 17 cultural institutions from all over Europe: Comitato AMUR, Milano (Italy), B & M Theocharakis Foundation, Atene (Greece), Beogradska Umetnička Nova Teritorija (Belgrade Artistic New Territory – BUNT), Belgrado (Serbia), Cadenza Arts Management Ltd., Budapest (Hungary), EuAbout Lab ASBL – European Association for Research, Educational, Cultural and Social Innovation, Bruxelles (Belgium), Europa Nostra, The Hague (Netherlands), European Historic Houses, Bruxelles (Belgium), Experimentadesign – Associação para a Promoção do Design e Cultura de Projecto, Lisbon (Portugal), Julian Cochran Foundation, Warsaw (Poland), Kolarac – Zadužbina Ilije M. Kolarca, Belgrade (Serbia), Lofoten Internasjonale Kammermusikkfest, Oslo (Norway), ProQuartet – Centre européen de musique de chambre, Paris (France), Qendra EVENT, Tirana (Albania). 

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