Music comedy with orchestra as bridge to new audiences

Classical music is not easy to listen to. A Mahler or Bruckner symphony is a complex art work. These materpieces will remain complex, even for music lovers. How to reach out for people who are interested in classical music genarally, but don’t attend your concerts? However, if you choose the right setting, a good piece of music (freshly composed?) and a stand-up-comedian-conductor as moderator, audiences will love it. They will come back. And they will tell their friends.


Gidon Kremer – Classical Music and Comedy at its best!

When you see violinist Gidon Kremer and his musicians on the stage: Don’t be afraid of classical music … it’s pure fun – and breathtaking virtuosity. My recommendation: Just try to copy and develop it for your own orchestra concerts. Musicians perhaps will need some training and motivation. Audiences will love it – for sure.