Upcoming International Conferences

The arts and orchestra conferences circus is taking speed again in 2017.

International Orchestra Conference

The IAMA (International Artist Managers Association) 27th International Conference takes place in the Paris Philharmony from April 5 to 7.

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The international orchestra community will meet in Montreal (Canada) for the 4th FIM International Orchestra Conference from May 11 to 14. Experts from orchestras around the globe will discuss topic issues and developments in the  orchestra sector.

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The latest edition of the Classical:NEXT Fair takes place in Rotterdam (Netherlands) from May 17 to 20.

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Time marches on. Make you conference choice!

Brazil: International Conference MultiOrchestra, April 28-30, 2014

There are many professional orchestras located in Latin America. However, international orchestra conferences in this part of the world are rare.  The “International Conference MultiOrchestra” with the surtitle: “Talent, Management and Impact” shall fill this gap from April 28-30, 2014. It will take place at Fundação Clovis Salgado – Palácio das Artes in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Multiorchestra Confernce Brazil, April 2014, 28-30

Multiorchestra Conference Brazil, April 2014, 28-30

Questions to be tackled: Possible management models considering the diversity of artistic formations, the multiplicity of organizational artistic missions and the variety of audiences. Combining and assessing three variables that define success, longevity and social relevance. Assessing the role of orchestras in the development of audiences and in establishing unique bonds with communities. New parameters for artistic direction, educational programmes and participation. What can be expected from the musician in the 21st century? How can musicians occupy more central and formative roles in their communities? etc.

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Orchestras are part of the cultural heritage – International initiative to be started

The Oslo Call: Representatives from musicians’ unions and orchestra associations in more than 30 countries, meeting in Oslo for the 3rd International Orchestra Conference, on February 26, 2014, expressed  their deepest concern about the situation of symphony and opera orchestras around the world.

Internat. Orchestra Conference: THE OSLO CALL

Internat. Orchestra Conference: THE OSLO CALL

In Greece, The Netherlands, Germany, the US, a number of orchestras have been closed down, sometimes overnight. In many other countries, they are being threatened with reductions in funding and budgetary cuts.

In the context of the global recession, it is self-evident that orchestras suffer as well as other sectors of the economy. But destroying orchestras does not just impact musicians’ jobs. It also impedes, in territories where these orchestras pursue and develop their activities, the citizens’ ability to access great works and repertoire that cannot be provided by the commercial sector. Support for symphony and opera music, which are a precious and fragile part of our cultural heritage, is a prime responsibility of national, regional and local governments.

The FIM International Orchestra Conference calls on political decision makers to honor this responsibility, by providing orchestras with the means that are necessary to pursue their missions and thus contribute to, and enhance artistic, social and economic life. In the forthcoming months, a broad international initiative will be proposed by FIM (International Federation of Musicians), Paris, so as to make this call heard and more fully understood.

International Orchestra Conference discuss decision making in orchestras

“As orchestra manager you should never talk with the orchestra how it should dress” (Paul Hughes, CEO BBC Symphony Orchestra, London).

Panel debate in Oslo

Panel debate in Oslo

The 2nd panel of the Int. Orchestra Conference discussed the decision making in orchestras. Catch some of the main findings:

Every orchestra has to develop its own internal communication structure between musicians and management. Communication needs trust of both sides. Trust must be build be on mutual understanding. Understanding of the needs of musicians as well of the management.

To nurture this understanding vocational training on communication, leadership, education etc. is necessary. To involve musicians in management and artistic decisions means that they have to take over responsibility. This may affect the whole performance of the orchestra, from the artistic point of view as well as from the economical one.

BBC Symphony Orchestra has developed a very good informal cooperation between management and musicians within the past 15 years. Unfortunately it is not fixed in a paper but it works.

International Conferences coming up soon

Conference year 2014 has taken up speed.

The 3rd International Orchestra Conference is going to start on Sunday, February 23, 2014, in Oslo (Norway). Until February 26 managers, musicians, unions and arts organization from around the globe will discuss topic problems of orchestras, health issues, as well a labor conflicts. More information


International Orchestra Conference 2014

International Orchestra Conference 2014

Artist managers and agencies will gather for the 24th International IAMA Conference in Milton Court, London (UK) from April 10 to 12, 2014. The title of this conference: “Time for change”. More information


The organizers of the successful classical music expo Classical:NEXT announced the 2014 edition: the international professionals’ forum for classical and art music will take place from 14 until 17 May 2014, a little earlier in the calendar than the first two editions. The main venue will again be the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna. More information


The League of American Orchestras Conference 2014 will be held June 4–6, 2014, Pre-Conference June 2 to 4 Seattle, Washington. Conference will take place at the Westin Seattle, 1900 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, Washington, 98101. The Seattle Symphony is co-host of Conference 2014. More information

3rd FIM International Orchestra Conference 2014 in Oslo announced

The 3rd edition of FIM’s International Orchestra Conference will be taking place in Oslo, Norway, from the 24 to 26 February 2014, with the backing of Norwegian musicians’ union MFO.

International Orchestra Conference 2014

International Orchestra Conference 2014

The first two editions (Berlin, 2008 – Amsterdam, 2011) each brought together over 200 participants from some 40 countries from all parts of the world. With the help of recognized specialists, they made it possible to address issues at the core of musicians’ professional lives, such as financing orchestras, health and occupational diseases, prevention of risks or working conditions.

For the third edition, orchestra managers will again be invited to speak during the first part of the conference, in a spirit of dialogue.

Upcoming events and conferences

A couple of interesting national and international events and conferences are coming up for the orchestra and arts management sector:

The China Symphony Development Foundation is preparing the National Conference 2013 in Xiamen, April 16-18.

The 23rd IAMA (International Artists Managers Association) Conference will take place in Vienna Konzerthaus from April 25-27. Title of the conference: “Innovating Tradition”.



Second edition of the fresh and innovative conference format Classical:NEXT 2013 is announced from May 29 to June 1 in Vienna, too. Classical:NEXT is a new, annual event that addresses head on the challenges facing the international classical and art music community, both in its entirety and within its various sectors. Classical:NEXT also offers an ideal opportunity to promote new talent, new creative ideas and future-oriented business practices.

The League of American Orchestras National Conference 2013 will be in St. Louis, June 18-20, with pre-conference seminars June 16-18.

The date and placed for the next National Conference of the ABO (Association of British Orchestras)  have already been announced: The 2014 Conference will be held in London from January 29-31, hosted by London Symphony Orchestra in association with the Barbican.

Finally: The 3rd International Orchestra Conference is to be prepared in Oslo (Norway) for 2014 , April 24 -26.