On its European tour the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) has got  a very positiv feedback in autumn 2010. Some critics asked if the SSO could be one of the leading orchestras in the 21st century. SSO is one of the best orchestras in Asia yet.

Singapore Skyline

Indeed the success encouraged the SSO board and management to look forward to making next steps for the Champions League. The SSO plans ist way to catch up with other international accepted symphony orchestra, especially from Europe.

Therefore all relevant issues must be tackled: Pay rises for musicians esp. for rank and file players, longterm contracts for players, allowances for extremly increasing housing costs, improved longterm artistic planning, looking our for the generation of chief conductors and last but not least: coming home to the old Victoria Concert Hall (pictured) downtown Singapore in 2013/14 after refurbishment. The SSO needs its own hall back for being an orchestra of the people in Singapore, too. The Berlin Philharmonie building and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is a landmark for Berlin. The SSO should struggle forward to become a similar icon for Singpore in future.

Victoria Concert Hall - under refurbishment

Enhanced private giving and improved public funding will be the further top issues for the SSO board and the development department. However, future looks bright for the SSO and the chance to catch up with the Champions League of orchestras worldwide means hard artistic work but may be realistic within years.